Your Key to a Brighter Future in Canada

Government Grants, Interest-free loans and Energy Independence

With Fluent, you gain access to substantial financial assistance for your solar project in Canada. Through government incentives, our customers can secure up to $5,600 in solar grants and an interest-free government loan of up to $40,000, extended over a 10-year period. The process of applying for government solar incentives and grants can be confusing though. Fluent simplifies the path to solar, making it both affordable and achievable as our experts walk you through the process of transitioning solar. When you capitalize on federal and provincial funding you accelerate your return on investment for solar, which is essential for a successful project!

We’re here to make solar a reality for you. By spreading the interest-free government loan over a 10-year term, it ensures that the cost to offset 100 percent of your electricity needs is often right in line with your current electricity bill. However, the key difference is that after those ten years, you’re not only offsetting your energy costs, but you’re also becoming energy independent. Fluent helps you take control of your energy future, providing long-term sustainability while keeping your expenses in check.

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